Extended Seminar of the Faculty of Physics Dedicated to the
70th Anniversary of Professor Valery Ter-Antonyan (1942-2003)

14.30, 22 February 2012, Conference Hall

(Yerevan State University, Physics Faculty)

Chairman: Roland Avagyan


14.30 Edward Chubaryan Opening
15.00-15.20 George Pogosyan Interbasis Expansions
15.20-15.40 Levon Mardoyan Ortogonality of radial wavefunctions with respect to momentum
15.40-16.00 Break
16.00-16.25 Yuri Malakyan Quantum Repeaters based on Deterministic Storage of a Single Photon in distant Atomic Ensembles
16.25-16.50 Hrachya Babujian "The  Beauty of Integrability"
16.50-17.15 Edward Ghazaryan,
Hayk Sarkisyan
Coulomb problem in nanostructures
17.15-17.40 Levon Grigoryan The Quantum mechanics as the physics of possibilities
17.40-17.55 Armen Nersessian Monopole in Quantum Mechanics
17.55 Closing. Furshet


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