• Conformal symmetry in classical and quantum integrable systems
    SCS 18RF-002(2018)
    Armen Nersessian(Principal Investigator), Tigran Hakobyan, David karakhanyan, Hovhannes Demirchian
  • Conformal mechanics associated with near horizon black hole geometries
    ANSEF PS mathph 4751(2018)
    Hovhannes Demirchian (Principal Investigator), Hovhannes Shmavonyan, Ruben Hasratyan
  • Regional Doctoral Program in Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics
    Volkswagen Foundation Grant No 30860068 (2017)
    Armenian Node leader: A.Nersessian
  • Integrable generalizations of rational Calogero model
    ANSEF mathph-4220 (2016)
    Principal Investigator: Tigran Hakobyan
  • Defects in two-dimensional non-rational conformal field theories
    ANSEF (2016)
    Principal Investigator: Gor Sarkissian
  • Integrable generalizations of Calogero model
    SCS 15T-1C367 (2015)
    T.Hakobyan, A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), A.Saghatelian, H.Shmavonyan, V.Yeghikyan
  • Supersymmetric integrable models in low dimensions
    SCS grant 15RF-039(2015)
    T.Hakobyan, D.Karakhanyan, A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), A.Saghatelian
  • Integrable quantum mechanical systems on curved spaces
    ANSEF (2014)
    V.Yeghikyan (Principal Investigator), Zh.Avetisyan
  • Spherical systems related to the rational Calogero models
    ANSEF 3501-math-phys (2014)
    T.Hakobyan(Principal Investigator), A.Nersessian, A.Saghatelian
  • Novel integrable systems in quantum mechanics
    SCS 13-1C114
    A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), T.Hakobyan, Zh.Avetisyan, V.Yeghikyan, A.Saghatelian
  • Supersymmetric integrable systems in quantum mechanics, field theory and gravity
    SCS 13RF-018 (2013)
    T.Hakobyan, D.Karakhanyan, A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), A.Saghatelian
  • Duality defects
    ANSEF hepth-3267 (2013)
    G.Sarkissian (Principal Investigator), E.Gevorkyan, A.Saghatelian
  • Investigations of the Yang-Baxter equations defined on the non-classical representations of the quantum groups and applications to the quantum computation
    ANSEF mathph-3122 (2013)
    David Karakhanyan (Principal Investigator), Shahane Khachatryan, Eva Gevorgyan
  • Regional Training Center in Theoretical Physics
    Volkswagenstiftung Contract nr. 86 260 (2012)
  • Novel Approach for Mesoscopic phenomena
    ICTP Network NET68 (Armenia-Iran-Morocco-Turkey), 2012
  • Defects in non-rational conformal field theory
    ANSEF PS2774 (2012)
    G.Sarkissian (Principal Investigator), E.Gevorkyan, A.Saghatelian
  • Conformal mechanics, Calogero models and related spherical systems
    ANSEF PS2908 (2012)
    T.Hakobyan (Principal Investigator), A.Nersessian, Sh.Khachatryan
  • Geometric models of two- and one- dimensional integrable systems
    SCS 11-1c258 (2011)
    A. Nersessian (Principal Investigator), T. Hakobyan, G. Sarkissian, E. Gevorgyan, A. Saghatelian
  • Mathematical models for low-dimensional quantum structures in external fields
    SCS-BFBR 11??-001 (2011)
    A. Nersessian (Armenian Co-Investigator), T. Hakobyan, V. Ohanyan,A. Saghatelian
  • Exact solutions of the lattice spin models with Ising and Heisenberg bond and thermodynamics of magnetic materials.
    ANSEF PS2497 (2011)
    V. Ohanyan (Principal Investigator), M. Khurshudyan, N. Ananikyan, L. Ananikyan
  • Low dimensional exactly solvable models with Ising and Heisenberg bonds and properties of some magnetic materials,
    V. Ohanyan(Principal Investigator), M. Khurshudyan
  • Algebraic and geometric properties of (conformal) mechanics with extended supersymmetry,
    Volkswagen Foundation I/84 496 (2009),
    A. Nersessian ( Armenian Co-Investigator), T.Hakobyan, S.Krivonos, V.Ohanyan, A.Saghatelian, V.Yeghikyan
  • Geometric properties of novel supersymmetric mechanics systems,
    ANSEF PS2229(2010)
    A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), T.Hakobyan, V.Yeghikyan
  • Geometric quantum mechanical models for nanostructures,
    ANSEF PS1730(2009)
    A.Nersessian (Principal Investigator), H. Sarkisyan, V.Yeghikyan
  • Multipe spin exchanges, cubic symmetry and frustrated spin systems
    ANSEF PS1386(2008)
    V. Ohanyan(Principal Investigator), T.Hakobyan, N.Ananikyan, L.Ananikyan
  • Algebraic and geometric studies for condensed matter physics
    University Center of Excellence Program CRDF-NFSAT UC 06/07 (2007)
    Researchers: T.Hakobyan (Principal Investigator), A. Nersessian, V.Ohanyan, H.Sarkisyan,
    Students: V.Yeghikyan, A.Tarloyan, K.Mkrtchyan, A.Meliksetyan
  • Quantum mechanical models for the higher-dimensional Hall effect
    CRDF-NFSAT ARP1-3228-YE-04 (2005)
    A. Nersessian (Armenian Co-Investigator), L.Mardoyan, A.Yeranyan, H. Sarkisyan, V.Yeghikyan
  • Extended supersymmetry, strings and noncommutativity in eld theory,
    A. Nersessian (Armenian team leader), T.Hakobyan, V.Ohanyan, A.Yeranyan